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La Poja, Veronese Igt, Monovitigno Corvina Veronese

La Poja, Veronese Igt, Monovitigno Corvina Veronese

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In 1979, when Giovanni Allegrini decided to plant only Corvina grapes on the summit of La Grola, he did not imagine the extraordinary success that this wine would achieve. 
High-quality viticultural practises and the perfect micro-climate of this 3-hectare plateau, with the dazzling whiteness of the limestone soil, give the grapes everything they need to make this exceptional and iconic Allegrini cru. 

The wine is produced with grapes picked in the last stage of the harvest. After a 25-day maceration period, it is aged in new Allier barrels for 20 months and then for 8 months in large Slavonian oak casks and then aged in the bottle for 10 months. 

It is a stylish and sophisticated wine, with an elegant profile and great longevity. The enveloping and intense aroma reveals ripe but still-fresh fruit, followed by notes of toasted tobacco, dark spices and liquorice. It has a wonderfully balanced palate, with a long finish and silky, soft tannins. 

Ideal with red meat and game. Excellent with mature, non-sharp cheeses, dishes with porcini mushrooms, and black and white truffles. Serve at 18°C and open one hour before serving. 

100% Corvina Veronese